“Web Of Lies” 8 Page Treatment

A classroom full of students rustles their books into their backpacks.  A few students in the back of the classroom pass notes, while two others play finger football with a folded up piece of paper. The noise in the room elevates as the students begin chatting amongst themselves.  The teacher closes her book and begins to erase the blackboard clean. When she finishes erasing the blackboard, she removes her glasses and sets the eraser down on the ledge of the board. She thanks the class and reminds them that their homework is due in the morning.

She also reminds the class that she will be giving a quiz as well.  She tells them to study and to be careful on their way home. The class bell rings loudly and dismisses the class for the day. The students get up from their desk in a hurry and one by one tell the teacher as they are leaving to have a nice day.  As the students leave the classroom, conversations take place between individual groups of students in the hallways as they each make their way to their given lockers, dumping their books off and making plans with their friends.

Mary, a young, petite, cheerleader is walking down the hall as she does everyday holding her books over her chest.  She’s pretty popular in schools and greets her friends in the halls as they walk by.  The other guys who timidly tell Mary hello in the hallway and tell her to have a nice day, especially notice her. She heads to her locker and begins to work the combination lock. She removes the lock and begins to unload her backpack of books.  By that time she notices something different about her day.  Mary, who is usually greeted by her boyfriend Matt everyday after the bell, notices that on this specific day he’s not there.

She usually meets her boyfriend after class and they walk together, but he is nowhere to be found. She continues to put her books away.  Frustrated, she slams her locker shut and begins to reattach the combination lock to her locker.  Since Mary rides home with her boyfriend everyday from school and today he’s not there, she is stranded at school with no ride.

She walks down the hall wondering where Matt could be and how he could have forgotten that she needed a ride from school. She stands in the parking lot on the side curb waiting so see if someone will give her a ride. She calls her boyfriend Matt on the phone, but no answer. She’s frustrated and redials his phone number multiple times, still with no success.

One of her friends that happens to live in the same general area as Mary drives by the same spot where Mary was standing.  Nikki, another cheerleader in Mary’s squad slowly pulls up to Mary and rolls the window down in her brand new, red Mustang.  She ask Mary why she’s standing outside alone and ask if she needs a ride. Mary accepts, stepping down off the curb and opening the door of the car.

On the way home, Mary and her friend talk about their day and what they plan to do with the rest of their evening.  Basic girl talk continues then the topic of her boyfriend comes up. Nikki ask Mary how her relationship with Matt was and why she was standing outside.  She knows that she’s dating Matt and ask how could he have forgot about her at school.

It wasn’t safe in that area, especially walking home in the evening time. The neighborhood where the school was is known to have gangs and recently there has been reported cases of girls being rapped and beaten in that area.They both comment about what a jerk he is for leaving her at school with no ride home.  They continue to talk and Nikki let’s Mary know that if she ever needs anything, a ride, or just a friend to talk to that she’s just a phone call away. They exchange phone numbers and smile as if to now be best friends. Nikki turns onto Mary’s street and pulls up to Mary’s house, parking along the side of the road next to the mailbox.  Mary thanks Nikki for the ride and they give each other a hug and Mary thanks Nikki for the ride.

Mary opens the door to the Mustang and steps out of the car. She closes the door and puts her hands on the window, looking in to the car at Nikki. She thanks Nikki again and tells her that she will call her later. Nikki puts the car into drive and pulls away, waving bye to Mary as she leaves.  Mary walks up the sidewalk of her house with her backpack tossed over her shoulder. She reaches into the side pocket of her backpack and pulls out her house keys and inserts it into the lock of the front door. She tries to unlock the door but it seems to already be unlocked. She removes the key and pushes the door gently.  Her house is never unlocked and she enters the front door with caution.

Mary slowly walks though her front door of her home, peeking around the corner of door to see if anyone is there.  She closes the door behind her and sets her backpack down by the front door.  She notices something is out of place.  On an old antique chair in the hallway she notices something sitting there that usually isn’t there. She looks closer and sees that it is her boyfriend’s maroon and gold letterman jacket.  It an old thing, that has the number seven on the back and a slew of other patches on it. Seven is the number he plays on the varsity team at school.

She wonders why his jacket would be there on the chair because he hasn’t been over to the house with it on in a while. She hears sounds coming from her sister’s room. It’s a soft sound of a woman’s voice, a moan of sorts.  She silently creeps down the hall trying not to alert who ever is in her sister’s room.  The hallway is long and dark and Mary has to tiptoe so that she doesn’t alert anyone of her presence.  She approaches her sister’s door where the sound is coming from.  The door is cracked slightly, so she peeks in to try and get a better look as to what’s going on.

As she peeks in she sees two people in bed making out. Then, in the mirror above the bed and headboard she she’s her boyfriend Matt.  He is in bed, having sex with her sister.  They don’t notice Mary and without making a noise, she slips back down the hall. She picks up her backpack and leaves out the front door.  Mary leaves her house and starts to walk down the street.  She is very emotional and confused as to what she’s going to do next.

When she is upset, she walks to a nearby graveyard where she can be alone and think.  Mary enters the graveyard and finds a familiar tree that she has so many times sat under before.  She pulls out her sketchbook and a pencil and starts to draw hearts. She sketches hearts that drip blood, as if to be broken hearted by the recent discover of her unfaithful boyfriend and disloyal sister.  She sits thinking about what she should do, should she have said something, alerting them of her presence. She wonders about the future of their relationship and if Matt is going to break it off with her.  It gets later in the evening so she decides to call her friend Nikki who had given her the ride earlier.  She had told Nikki she was going to call so now she really needed someone there to talk to.  Nikki answers the phone and agrees to come and meet Mary at the graveyard.

Nikki arrives and parks her Mustang at the front gate of the graveyard.  Mary meets her at the gate and Nikki locks up the car and enters the front gates of the graveyard.  They walk together, talking about what happened and Mary tells her about what she had seen earlier that day at her house.  Nikki listens with disgust as Mary fills her in with all of the visual details as to what she saw as she was peeking thought the little crack of her sister’s bedroom door.  She ask her friend if she can stay the night with her, and her friend happily obliges. They both walk back to Nikki’s car, leaving the graveyard behind just at dusk. On the way home in the car, Mary asks her friend Nikki for advice about the recent discovery.

Nikki says that she can do better than Matt and that he will get what is coming to him for being a cheater and hurting Mary like that, especially with her own sister.  Mary asks what she means and they both start to laugh as if to be conjuring up some vindictive plan. It’s late that evening and Nikki and Mary are sitting in Nikki’s bedroom talking. They are both on the floor sitting Indian style. They have a laptop in between them and Mary ask if she has the Internet. Nikki reply’s yes and logs Mary onto a web browser.  Nikki ask what she’s doing and Mary says that she wants see if Matt is a compulsive cheater.  She starts to set up a Facebook.com profile and tells Nikki that she’s going to use if to lure Matt into her trap.

They both laugh and search the web for a picture that they could use for the would-be girl bait.  They find a young blonde girl in her teens that they both think Matt will fall for.  They upload the profile picture, give her a fake name and go live with the profile. They request Matt as a friend on facebook.com and wait to see if he starts flirting.  Internally, Mary still has feelings for her boyfriend Matt.  She’s hurt that her sister would stab her in the back like that. She knew that her boyfriend was capable of doing something like this, but having her sister do this to her, really hurt.  She still has to see her older sister at school and at home.  This only makes this situation worse because every time she sees her sister, images of what she saw that day in the crack of her sister’s door flash in her head.

The next day, after Mary had seen her boyfriend cheating with her sister, she returns to school.  It’s lunchtime and she is sitting in the cafeteria by herself, secluded from everyone else.  Her boyfriend tries to come and sit with her, but she moves, avoiding him on purpose. He doesn’t know why she’s acting like this, but instead he goes and sits with his guy friends. Mary finishes her lunch and leaves.  Mary wants to let her cheating bastard of a boyfriend know that she is aware of what he did. She can be abusive if she wants to be, and leaving Matt a clear sign that she will not let him hurt her like this and get away with it.  She leaves him a threatening letter in his locker at school and starts spreading nasty rumors about him at school that spread throughout the school like wildfire the next day.

She avoids his every move as if to know his every day schedule like the back of her hand.  Matt  knows something is not right and after a while the guilt of it all starts to effect him.  Mary is standing by her locker talking with another guy, Dan.  Her boyfriend walks by and she tries to make him jealous by getting a little closer to Dan. Her plan works and now her boyfriend is getting a taste of his own medicine, and she’ loving it.  Later that day, Mary is walking down the hall with her new guy friend Dan, who tells her about a house party this weekend and wants to see if Mary would be interested in going. She happily agrees to attend and thanks Dan for inviting her.  She asks Dan if he will give her a ride home and Dan more than happily agrees. On the way home from school, Mary and Dan talk. They talk about school and what their plans are for the weekend.  Dan talks about the house party and how cool it’s going to be. Mary talks about how she wants to get drunk.

When Mary gets home, she gathers all of the pictures and items that remind her of Matt and put them in a box to be destroyed. She leaves the house with the box and heads back to the graveyard where she has found peace within herself so many times before. She then takes the box, and ritualistically starts to burn photos and items of her ex.  She leaves the ashes and heads home.  It’s the weekend and Mary is getting ready for the party that her new guy friend, Dan from school asked her to attend.

Mary is in her bedroom, standing in the doorway of her closet, trying to decide what to wear. She picks her sexiest outfit and gets dressed.  Her makeup is on the floor and she has small hand mirror. She picks up the mirror and puts on red lipstick.  Mary arrives at the party with Dan, they drink plenty of alcohol and get drunk together. Dan asks why she’s not with Matt, and being under the influence of alcohol starts to tell him about how she caught him cheating. She say’s that he’s going to get what’s coming to him for treating her like that.  Dan sympathizes. Mary and Dan are in a bedroom at the house party and Dan is making his move. They are making out. Mary is drunk, and tells Dan that she is still on the rebound and she’s not interested in anything serious. On the way home from the house party, drunk and stupid, Mary tells Dan that she wants to make a deal with him. She will stay the night with him if he kicks the shit out of Matt. Dan takes on the challenge.

They arrive at Dan’s house and Mary knows that she’s going to get what she wants, revenge on Matt. Dan is going to get what he wants, Sex with Mary. They wake up the next day and Dan is bringing Mary home. She reaffirms their agreement and Dan anxiously takes on the challenge.  He drops her off and home and seals the deal with a kiss.   Mary is in her bathroom getting ready for school.  Mary checks her email and she has 1 new message. It’s Matt.  She decides to log back into her fake online profile and see if anything has happened or if Matt has taken the bait.  Nothing has happened so she emails Matt from the fake profile posing as the unsuspecting girl online who finds him irresistibly attractive.  She says that she is attracted to him and wants meet up with him that night. She gets a reply instantly and the date and time has been set, Matt took the bait.

Now Mary has to figure out how she’s going to finish off this vindictive plan of hers to finally give her cheating boyfriend a taste of his own medicine.  Mary is at her locker the next morning, Dan shows up and she tells him to meet her in the library. Dan agrees to meet her. They close their lockers and leave. Mary and Dan meet in the library and talk. She outlines everything for Dan, per their agreement. She has been planning this so she has all the details and everything ready.  She tells Dan to hurt him real bad but don’t kill him. Dan obliges.

Mary leaves the library and enters the girl’s bathroom. She sets her purse down and puts her hands on the sink.  She splashes water on her face as if to be nervous, convincing herself it’s going to work. Mary runs into her friend Nikki who starts to ask a lot of questions and mentions she saw Mary talking to Dan.  Mary tells Nikki her plans and ask if she will give her a ride to the hotel where it’s all going to take place. Nikki happily agrees and is now part of the plan to strike revenge on Matt. Mary and Dan meet at a hotel where they are planning to lure Matt in for is day of ass kicking, but before the big night, Mary and Dan have a small party of their own in the hotel bed.

Mary and Dan email Matt from the hotel and set him up for his blind date from hell, Dan. Mary convinces him to meet at the hotel. Mary hides in the bathroom, all the lights are off in the room, Dan is hiding in the room, ready to surprise Matt. Matt arrives at the hotel, gets out of his car and continues to look for the hotel room. Walking down the hallway he see the room number he’s looking for, he knocks. Dan answers to Matt’s surprise and rains down a beating on Matt. He’s caught off guard and unaware of what is happening. Mary sits in the bathroom listening, laughing.  Another hotel guest pass by see and they calls the cops. An ambulance shows up and takes Matt to the hospital.

Mary shows up at the hospital and talks with Matt. She asks him how this happed to him. She wants to see if he knows that he was setup, he says that he was beat up by a gang. Matt is glad that she showed up to see him. She feels bad now that she sees him all messed up. Matt confesses to Mary about his affair with her sister and that he wants to make thing work between them.  They hug and kiss in the hospital bed as if the cheating and beating never happened. Since Matt was taken away in the ambulance he had left his car at the hotel so Mary drove it to the hospital to see him.  When they leave the hospital Matt ask how she got his car, Mary confesses to the setup, the fake profile and the planned beating that he got from Dan, and the sex with Dan.

Matt is crushed but feels guilty for cheating with her sister. Mary and Matt arrive at Matt’s house and Mary helps Matt in.  She sees that he still has their pictures out and she starts to cry. She sees that he really does love her. She takes one of the pictures of them together and holds it to her heart. She tells Matt that they will be together forever. Mary sits in a chair next to Matt’s bed, holding a picture of them together, catering to him. She’s looking out the window, smiling. She has won.

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