Motara – EKENE ft. Chibueze – Video Shoot

I recently had the pleasure of shooting this music video for Motara. Working on set with Rhema Planters International ( Folusha Kolawole ) and my friend Mike Ugada. We had 2 cameras, Black Magic Production Camera, and my Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera.  We had plenty of gear, lights and lenses. It was a great learning experience where all three of us where operating the cameras.  Folusha with Rhema Planters did the editing. We all worked on lighting and staging.. It was a nice, creative experience working with other talented videographers.

Touring PumpTurbo with Charli K. Matthews of Empowering Pumps

I shot and edited this video for Charli Matthews of Empowering Pumps at the 43rd Turbomachinery and 30th International Pump Users Symposia. Thanks Richard Acosta ( B Camera ) and Tim Ward, Project Manager.

Desperate Housewives Script Concept

Solution For Hair Video

InsurMark Company Video