HightTower Franchise Video

iBluLock Video

“Fisherman” Short Film

Had the pleasure of working with Mike Ugada on this short film “Fisherman”. Mike wrote the script, directed, edited and even was the audio guy. I was Camera Operator/Director of Photography. From start to finish this piece took less than 72 hours to complete. It was a video that was played on Sunday for Mike’s Church.


Motara – EKENE ft. Chibueze – Video Shoot

I recently had the pleasure of shooting this music video for Motara. Working on set with Rhema Planters International ( Folusha Kolawole ) and my friend Mike Ugada. We had 2 cameras, Black Magic Production Camera, and my Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera.  We had plenty of gear, lights and lenses. It was a great learning experience where all three of us where operating the cameras.  Folusha with Rhema Planters did the editing. We all worked on lighting and staging.. It was a nice, creative experience working with other talented videographers.

Touring PumpTurbo with Charli K. Matthews of Empowering Pumps

I shot and edited this video for Charli Matthews of Empowering Pumps at the 43rd Turbomachinery and 30th International Pump Users Symposia. Thanks Richard Acosta ( B Camera ) and Tim Ward, Project Manager.